Roman Candles

10 Ball Bang

Per Package: 4
Packaging: 4 pack
Sku: 80525301804

Boom Boom

Per Package: 6
Packaging: 6 pack
This candle is packed with excitement. There are 10 shots of thunder in every candle. If you like it loud, this is for you. This item comes in a convenient six pack.
Sku: 80525301833

Secret Weapon

This giant roman candle is guaranteed to steel the show. It is a massive 28 inches in length with a girth of over 2 inches. When you pull this baby out , it is sure to make the people gasp! Each candle contains 5 shots varying colors. Great for adults as well as the children.
Sku: 80525301827

Neon Tracer

196 Shot - A shower of multi-colored pearls with crackling tail.
Sku: 1905

Rapid Fire

100 Shot Roman Candles
Sku: 1030100

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