200 Gram Repeaters

100 Shot Purple Saturn Missile Battery

100 Shot - Purple Saturn Missiles
Sku: 4134

100 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

100 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great basic item.
Sku: 80525301381

25 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

25 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great basic item.
Sku: 80525301382

300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

300 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great basic item.
Sku: 80525313115

6 Assorted 16 Shot

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
This is a great assortment of six very solid performing cakes. Nice big breaks and a ton of different effects.
Sku: 80525313097

61 Shot Assorted Repeaters

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
61 Shot - 6 Assorted cakes - Premium quality multi-colored aerial repeater.
Sku: 711

A. I.

1. silver spinner tail to red/blue sparkler+white glitter; 2. silver spinner tail to purple/green sparkler+white glitter.
Sku: 10805253300108

Adults Only

Green tail to whistle, red tail to red star white glitter.
Sku: 805253133620

American Anthem

16 shot show starter!
Sku: 1080525330177

American Muscle

15 Shot - Color with gold glitter.red green blue with brocade. Chry. with red green, color mine with whistling.
Sku: 1003107

Angry Beaver

14 Shot - Don't get mad; get the Angry Beaver! This dazzler woos audiences with red, green, orange and pink brocades that transition into glitter that sparkles through the sky. Crackles tip off the presentation and will leave each spectator anything besides angry!
Sku: 1013435

At it again

9 shot - Green, purple, blue, silver and gold aerial effects that light up the sky
Sku: 1013367


20 Shot - chicken blood red/lemon/skyblue+white glitter; pink/green+white glitter
Sku: 10805253300078


7 shot cake
Sku: 1013360

Black Thunder

25 Shot - Peonies with alternating strobes of white and blue with a 10 shot finale.
Sku: 1696


Blue tail to brocade blue star.
Sku: 805253133720

Color Pearl Flowers - 48 shot

48 Shot - Multi-colored pearl flowers with report.
Sku: 751

Color Pearl Flowers - 96 shot

96 unique shots of bright and colorful pearls and stars.
Sku: JAK-80525301305

Dark Ghost

9 Shot - Brocade crown with strobes
Sku: 1013368

Dirty Deed

7 Shot - Red tail to red wave with white strobe ending with red wave and crackle.
Sku: 3879


Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
7 Shot - 6 Assorted cake varieties; Whistles fish timed rain strobes with lots of color breaks.
Sku: 2309


9 Shot - Brocades, palms, and lots of glitter
Sku: 1013369


Lemon tail brocade, Red tail Red/Blue/White glitter, yellow tail chry.
Sku: 805253133800


96 Shots - Fan Cake - This cake starts the show with shot after shot of color crackling mine ending with rows of them in a rapid fire with loud report
Sku: 3863


Red blue peony, time rain mine, purple star peony.
Sku: 805253133710

Global Warning

Red Star with white glitter small chry.
Sku: 805253133750

Glory Days

10 shot cake
Sku: 805253133820


15 Shot - 1-6 dark red/skybluesparkler+ white glitter, purple/skybluesparkler+green glitter; 7-10 blue sparkler mine, blue sparkler mine pistil+silver fish mine, red glitter mine to red glitter+silver fish; 11-15 whistling tail to golden time rain.
Sku: 10805253300146

Grapes over Vineyard

25 shot Crackling dragon tail to multicolor
Sku: 1013167

Hard to Beat

9 shot crackling comet tail breaks into multiple color palm with gold crackling chry
Sku: 80525313205

Hot Dog

Brocade Crown mine, brocade crown
Sku: 805253134220

In Honor Of

12 Shot - Blue, Green, Purple, Red and white breaks. Lots of glitter and peony. 26 seconds.
Sku: 1013389

Just Hanging

25 shot - Orange Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler.
Sku: 805253134180

Luna Chick

9 shot - Luna Chick is the perfect Show Starter for a red, white, and blue display. Don't let the small box fool you - this 200 gram firework has some solid break and the colors are as patriotic as apple pie.
Sku: 1013377

Motor Mouth

96 Shot - Red, silver and green comet tails; green to red, red to blue, purple to yellow; red and green bees; red, blue & green bouquet with loud whistles, red, silver and green comet tails with report; green to red, red to blue & purple to yellow with report.
Sku: 1013246

Neon Dragons

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
6 Shot - Super hard breaking massive neon shells.
Sku: 1972

Pack a Punch

10 Shot - Long lasting with lots of color and crackle.
Sku: 1003367

Poker Face

9 Shot - Mini finale with bright glitter mines, palm & glitter effects, and crackling star!
Sku: 1003363

Road Trip

Crackling Mine, Silver Chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253135150

Smiling Face

Red Star with white glitter small chry.
Sku: 805253133760

Tequila Party

25 Shot - Bright green and red color with lots of crackle.
Sku: 1003366

The Guardian

6 Shot silver fish with crackling mine fountain.
Sku: 1013436

The Reveal

12 shot blue or pink to reveal your new baby!
Sku: 1030131


7 Shot - Red with white strobe.
Sku: 3872


10 shot - red and white with glitter.
Sku: 1013383

Zebra Kick

Zebra Kick is a unique 200g aerial firework that alternates colorful glitter breaks with red and blue mine effects. This firework finishes with colorful chrysanthemum breaks.
Sku: 1080525330175

All prices and availability subject to change without notice.