200 Gram Fountain

#3 Assorted Cone

This small sized cone fountain emits showers of golden or silver sparks over 6 feet in height. Sold individually. Your choice.
Sku: 80525300901

#8 Assorted Cone

Showers of silver sparks over 3 meters high
Sku: 1000904

9" Assorted Fountain

Packaging: Single
Assorted fountain - Golden silver flower peach flowers green willow and blue stars.
Sku: 597-single

Alien Fountain

Great fountain. The alien head glows during the fireworks performance. This fountain has sharp blue and white colors with a whistling.
Sku: 10805253301303

Crushing Candy

Red dahlia, laser; yellow dahlia, white chrysanthemum; purple dahlia, silver crackle; red dahlia, green dahlia, long crackle.
Sku: 805253114560

Cuckoo Fountain

Per Package: 6
Packaging: 6 pack
6 Pack of cuckoo fountains - This item sounds like cuckoo echo it gives long whistles with brilliant red and green stars then whistling white flowers and loud crackles.
Sku: 656

Cuckoo Fountain

Packaging: Single
This item sounds like cuckoo echo it gives long whistles with brilliant red and green stars then whistling white flowers and loud crackles.
Sku: 656-single


Chrysanthemum with red and green pearls, golden srpring fountain, golden silk chrysanthemum with blue and lemon, purple spring fountain, silver crackling chrysanthemum with purple and blue.
Sku: 1030162

Go Girl Go

Red, green, and yellow with white glittering: purple, blue and yellow pine needles; red, blue, and yellow pine needles; red and green pine needles.
Sku: 1011418

It's a Boy

Blue fish fountain to reveal your new baby boy!
Sku: 1003120

It's a Girl

Pink fish fountain to reveal your new baby girl!
Sku: 1003121

Killer Bees

Packaging: Single
Cylinder fountain - A huge swarm of wild bee effect. Very intense and cool!
Sku: 692-single


Red fish, silver glitter, green fish silver glitter, blue fish silver glitter, pink fish silver glitter, red green blue and purple fish.
Sku: 1003119

Mama Mia

46 second fountain with blue, read, purple, and green chrysanthemum and crackling affects.
Sku: 1011425


A super intense neon pink color erupts with interlaced silver sparks.
Sku: 6950165413877


A super intense neon purple color erupts with interlaced silver sparks.
Sku: 3630


50 Second fountain: Red fountain, red fish; red sparkler, green sparkler; yellow sparkler; glitter chrysanthemum; red glitter sparkler, golden chrysanthemum; crackle butterfly.
Sku: 1012055

Ripple Effect

white fountain, white cedar flower, red sparkler, green sparkler
Sku: 805253114580


Red Sparkler, Glod Crackle Chrysanthemum
Sku: 805253114530


Per Package: 2
Packaging: 2 Pack
Baby Frog and Frog Prince fountains
Sku: 1011469

Tropical Fantasy

Over a minute in length, Tropical Fantasy has just about everything but the kitchen sink! Not only does it offer an eye catching unique shape, but the effects also set it apart from other fountains. Red, green and blue liquid burns (raindrops) followed by plum blossoms and chrysanthemums, orange stars and a beautiful finale of carbon showers
Sku: 1011383


An extraordinary 200g fountain with an abundance of color! Effects - 1,colour fish silver pine;2,red blue fish silver crackle;3,colour fish silver pine;4,yellow green purple fish silver crackle;5,colour fish silver pine;6,colour fish with silver crackle.
Sku: 1003115


Purple, Lemon Golden Chry, Blue Silver, Blue Crackling, Red/Blue Crackling with whistle.
Sku: 805253120020

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Fun colorful firework with bright fish, rain and crackle.
Sku: 1003296

Ying Yang

45 second fountain with amazing willow and fish effects
Sku: 1003300

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