Little Pack Kids Assortment

Perfect assortment for the kids.
Sku: 3848

Killer Value (no rockets)

The Killer Value assortment is everything you need to have a safe yet fun fireworks celebration. Lots of firecrackers and smaller items means the fun will last a long time.
Sku: 80525300458

Neon Lights

Sku: 805253245000


Safe and Sane assortment.
Sku: 80525300473

Great Night Assortment (safe and sane)

Value, value, value. One of our most popular safe-n-sane assortments and rightfully so. This tray adds nice variety to your stock and gives you the middle of the road assortment for your customer base. Complete with smoke balls, pop pop snappers, sparklers, magnum gun pistol poppers and over 20 fountains.
Sku: 80525300447


Safe and Sane assortment.
Sku: 805253245050

Laying down the law

Laying Down the Law, has everything you need for your next celebration. This assortment features World Class & Megabanger products and includes: 25 multi-shot repeaters, 12 reloadable shells, and 5 saturn missile batteries! There are no small novelty items at all in this assortment
Sku: 80525300454

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