500 Gram Z Repeaters

Sharp Shooter

19 Shot - Green tiger comet with red blue mines; lemon+sliver wave mines to purple+sky blue+lemon+golden glitter; lemon+silver wave mines to purple+lemon+sky blue+white glitter; brocade mine to brocade +red+red glitter+green+green glitter.
Sku: 1003126

Smokin Hot

30 shot - Opens up with a mixture of gold palms, one row with white glitter, one row with green glitter, and the third row of palms with blue stars. It then transitions nicely into brocades with red and blue stars and shoots a 5 shot finale with crackle.
Sku: 1015149

Honor And Respect

24 shot - This show stopper 500g cake creates an astounding aerial act! Super vivid bright tips!
Sku: 1003105

Rock Till You Drop

Per Package: 18/6
25 shot - Big performer with jellyfish, tails, and lots of action.
Sku: 1003344


45 shot cake with amazing crossettes and red, green and gold color!
Sku: 1003370

Fame And Fortune

30 shot angle cake with jelly fish, comets, mines, and huge finish!
Sku: 1030183


35 Shot - Mine Zipper Cake. Amazing glitter colors!!!
Sku: 1003362

Treasure Hunter

40 shot
Sku: JAK-1080525330186

Fire & Fury

34 Shot - Awesome gold mines with blue stars. Brocades and glitter willows.
Sku: 1003305

Deadly Catch

100 shot - Golden glittering comet; time rain tail rising up to silver fish with purple, blue stars; silver comet; time rain to blue comet; time rain tail rise up time rain with purple blue stars.
Sku: 805253154460

Tears for Fear

156 Shot. First 15 rows brocade blue, last row brocade with blue.
Sku: JAK-805253152710

750 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

750 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great long lasting item.
Sku: JAK-80525313222


180 shot - fast, staggered finale zipper cake! Sure to get the crowd on their feet at the end of your show!
Sku: 1015038

Black Dynamite

150 shots of crackling comet tails with red, green, yellow and blue time rain make this cake a must-have. 75 shots at a more slower pace and a finale of 75 shots quickened.
Sku: 805253151590


Crazy fast 156 shot repeater cake. Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253153250


312 Shot - Sprinkler - Gold glittering mines color tips crackle tips brocade finale.
Sku: 2539


312 Shot - Starts with 100 Zigzagged shots of white and blue then 100 shots of crackling to red green and blue 100 shots of gold strobes whistles and silver breaks a finale with 12 Shots of brocade to red white and blue.
Sku: 804

All prices and availability subject to change without notice.