500 Gram Fountain


50 Second fountain: Red fountain, red fish; red sparkler, green sparkler; yellow sparkler; glitter chrysanthemum; red glitter sparkler, golden chrysanthemum; crackle butterfly.
Sku: 1012055

Bigger Than Life

Look out its going to blow! This baby gets up there reaching heights of 30 feet. Performance contains : 1. Golden pine flower with blue star to crackling butterfly flower. 2. White spider flower with green star. 3. White fur flower with red blue star. 4. Silver crackling flower w/ red star. 5. Crackling silver chrys with green star. Great duration of over a minute.
Sku: 80525303004

One Bad Granny

Colorful fish, silver &gold willow, loud crackle finale!
Sku: 1003311

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